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Fashion accessories must-sees of the moment, the scarf and its acolytes have chosen to celebrate their return. Lightness, softness, and elegance are the hallmarks of this renaissance. Silk or synthetic, shimmering colors, or more classic, beaded or painted by hand, accented with a small pin, scarves, squares, kefieh and chèches are waiting for you on



About d’


Created the summer of 2011, is a merchant website dedicated to the scarf, and parts and accessories. Offering products in hand-painted silk, the company values the work of artisans who are practicing this ancestral art which is painting on silk. The patterns on the scarves are painted have been carefully thought out in order to breathe even more lightness to this noble matter.
And does not stop there : chèches, kefieh and other pins are ready to parade in front of your eyes on the site.
So, don't wait, bring to your outfits the finishing touch that makes the difference and make your choice!



The word of the Manager:


Unconditional fan of scarves, I have always loved to wear. But not always easy to find happiness : the finest products, the finest materials... This is when I had the idea of creating a site. I wanted to share with you my love for silk, and make you discover other accessories that I like to wear.